Graduation Requirements

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A minimum of 154 credits are required in the four-year degree programme,  and 128 credits in the three-year degree programme. This works out as at least 76 courses (including General Studies Courses) for the four years and 63 courses for 3 years sessions. Students enrolled in the department are required to select 100 and 200 level courses from the department and other departments in the college and allied Colleges in the University.

The 300 and 400 level courses are taken entirely within the department along with submission of a supervised research project.

To earn a degree, all registered compulsory courses must be taken and passed. In addition, the required elective courses chosen will be learnt and passed by the students at the end of each semester. The candidates will be credited with the results grade point times the number of units
assigned to the course which they have passed.

Subsequently, the total number of units taken with the grade points earned in the courses shall be recorded for the purpose of computing the cumulative grade point average CGPA required for determining the class of degree achieved by the student at the end of the programme.